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Khaie Episode 01 Pakistani Drama

Khaie: A Tale of Love and Enmity | Journey of Generations | Forgiveness and Harmony

Pakistani Drama serial Khaie Episode 1 premiered on 3rd January 2024. Catch up with all your favorite episodes of Geo TV channel dramas and tune in for the amazing show! You can also check out the earlier episodes of Khaie here.

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Khaie: A Tale of Love and Enmity


Join the captivating journey of love and enmity as two families navigate generational conflict in their pursuit of forgiveness and closure.

The Unending Enmity

The plot centers on the enduring hostility between two families, which has been molded by years of hostility and dread. The protagonists are searching for the elusive route to forgiveness and closure while being plagued by ghosts of the past.

The Seek of Absolution

The protagonist, who aspires to a peaceful resolution in the face of unrelenting strife, emerges as a beacon of love and healing among the complex web of animosity.

Tensions Over Land Ownership

In the heart of the village, tensions simmer over the ownership and sale of land, a symbol of familial legacy. The characters passionately debate the fate of their 'mother' - the land that carries the weight of their shared history and destiny.

A Father's Dilemma

Mohammad Khan's inner turmoil is laid bare as he grapples with the decision to sell his land, torn between the prospects of livelihood and the implications on the ongoing enmity.

A Son's Persuasion

Duraab Khan, with unwavering conviction, persuades his father to heed the call of his heart, advocating for a decision aligned with his true desires rather than succumbing to external pressures.

A Fateful Decision

In a pivotal moment, Mohammad Khan ultimately decides against selling the land, earning the pride and respect of his son, Duraab Khan.

The Race for Khaie Crop

As the tension escalates, the urgency to harvest the Khaie crop becomes a strategic necessity to evade the looming confrontation with Duraab Khan, setting the stage for a dramatic race against time.

Educational Reflections

Amidst the unfolding drama, Mohammad Khan shares profound insights on education and its profound effect on individual actions, offering a thought-provoking comparison between the creators and the executors.

Family Dynamics and Reconciliation

Interwoven in the fabric of enmity are poignant moments of familial bonds, lighthearted banter, and earnest conversations, shedding light on the depth of relationships and the aspirations for peaceful coexistence.

A New Hope

The story ends with the protagonists making a sincere effort to cross the gulf of animosity and move past their past grievances in the hope of a peaceful future.


Discover the ageless tale of forgiveness, love, and the never-ending quest for peace. Khaie weaves a tapestry of emotions and complexities, offering profound insights into the human spirit.


Faysal Quraishi as Channar Khan Durefishan Saleem as Zamdaa Khalid Butt as Duraab Khan Noor ul Hassan as Darwesh Uzma Hassan as Gul Wareen Laila Wasti as Bareera Osama Tahir as Badal Shuja Asad as Barlas Mah-e-Nur Haider as Apana Shamyl Khan as Gulab Khan Hina Bayat as Bakhtawar Saba Faisal as Husn Bano Javed Jamal as Badshah Khan Nabeel Zuberi as Pamir Hassan Noman as Shanawar Written By: Saqlain Abbas Directed By: Syed Wajahat Hussain Produced By: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi Production House: 7th Sky Entertainment

Khaie Episode 01

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