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Teaser 5 | Khaie | Best Pakistani Drama

 Unveiling Betrayal and Forgiveness in Khaie

Whispers of death, echoes of fear, flames of revenge, and the chance for redemption! #Khaie is ready to set new standards in storytelling with a tale like no other! 7th Sky Entertainment's latest mega drama serial is coming soon only on Geo Entertainment!

Unveiling Betrayal and Forgiveness in 'Khaie' with Faysal Quraishi and Dur e fishan Saleem


Enmity continues after one murder. Murder can perpetuate a cycle of vengeance and hostility, leading to further violence and conflict. The teaser for 'Khaie' with Faysal Quraishi and Durefishan Saleem promises intense and emotional scenes.

Darvesh Khan: A Generous Character

In the teaser, Darvesh Khan is shown as a kind person who helps others without expecting anything in return. This sets the stage for an interesting story in a beautiful location. The way this character behaves might have a big impact on how the story develops and how other characters are portrayed.

Betrayal and Its Lingering Wound

As Faysal Quraishi discusses the impact of betrayal on people, it becomes evident that betrayal is perceived as a deep, enduring wound. The depiction of this theme reflects the complexity and emotional depth of the series, piquing the audience's interest and empathy for the characters.

Embracing Forgiveness

The importance of forgiveness in relationships and personal growth is highlighted in the teaser, suggesting that forgiveness might play a pivotal role in the characters' journeys. The prospect of embracing forgiveness amid intense emotions and conflicts elevates the anticipation for the series' narrative development.

Unveiling the Series' Intrigue

The new program "Khaie" is the subject of this teaser. Durefishan Saleem and Faysal Quraishi, who have a fantastic acting relationship, are the stars. Drama, suspense, and strong performances will all be combined in this play to keep audiences interested and delighted from start to finish.


The teaser for 'Khaie' intensifies anticipation for a deeply engaging storyline, portraying the intricacies of betrayal, forgiveness, and the consequences of enmity. The powerful performances and captivating narrative promise an enthralling experience for the audience.

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