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 Get Ready for 'Khaie' - A New Series Coming Soon!

In a tale where revenge's roots run deep, every twist becomes a dagger, and each chapter is written in the language of fear. Get ready for a high-stakes clash of generations in the year's most thrilling revenge saga featuring Faysal Quraishi and Durefishan Saleem in 7th Sky Entertainment's latest mega drama serial #Khaie.

Uncover Thrills with 'Khaie' - New Series Premiering Jan 3, 2024


Extraordinary news for all diversion fans! Another series called 'Khaie' is set to make a big appearance on January 3, 2024. The show will air each Wednesday and Thursday. Be that as it may, before you get too energized, we should take a sneak look at the trailer!

What's genuinely going on with 'Khaie' About?

'Khaie' vows to be an outright exhilarating series loaded with show, tension, and secret. The show is set in an enrapturing scenery and highlights a heavenly cast and a fascinating storyline that will keep you as eager and anxious as ever. Think you've seen everything? All things considered, prepare to be wonderfully astounded!

A Brief look Into the Trailer

The secret trailer offers a tempting look into the universe of 'Khaie.' From extreme exchanges to heart-beating minutes, it's clear that this series will be an adrenaline rush. Lock in and experience the rush that looks for you! You can watch the trailer on YouTube 1.

The Heavenly Cast and Group

With a stalwart outfit of entertainers and an innovative group known for their excellent work, 'Khaie' is ready to convey first rate diversion. Anticipate enrapturing exhibitions, shocking visuals, and a story that will have an enduring effect.

In the background Scoop

At any point considered what goes into bringing a show like 'Khaie' to life? From many-sided set plans to fastidious scriptwriting, the commitment and difficult work of the whole group radiate through. Prepare to dig into the captivating scene behind the camera!


The commencement to the debut of 'Khaie' has authoritatively started. With its holding storyline, capable cast, and a convincing trailer, this series is good to go to make some meaningful difference. Remain tuned for an extraordinary excursion each Wednesday and Thursday!

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